China’s offshore gasfields are located in Bohai Bay, East China Sea, Pearl River Mouth, Southeast Hainan, Yinge Sea Basins and a couple of disputed areas in Southern China Sea. The offshore sector has been described for long, by prevailing opinion, as an important role for China’s future gas supply. It might be right but not at today and not in the nearby future:  China’s current political and economical situation is far away from powerful enough to solve the ownership disputes in the promising East China Sea and South China Sea even by 2025. Except the recently developed LW3-1 gasfield, all of China’s offshore gasfields in operation are small or medium that the total output from subsea rightnow is just equal to 1.5 China‘s LNG terminals’ supply capability by average... With China¡¯s 140 (by 2017.9) main offshore gasfields. China Natural Gas Map, Databases and Reports present reader this picture. View Offshore Gasfield Statistics>