According to statistics of China Natural Gas Map, Databases and Reports, China’s total length of natural gas pipelines will reach 300 thousand kilometers by 2020. by 2017.9, the statistics shows there are 3,631 critical natural gas pipelines (existing, constructing and planning) for China, including 9 oversea pipelines, 57 inter-provincial pipelines, 303 inter-city pipelines, 2,842 city area pipelines and 421 field gathering trucklines.

Today, each province in China (except Tibet) have access to at least one strategic pipeline that can deliver over 10 bcm natural gas per year. These strategic pipelines are speeding up the construction of China¡¯s inter-provincial pipeline networks, which will benefit China¡¯s 3,631+ city gas franchisers with easier accessible PNG. Other downstream markets, such as CNG, natural gas chemical and gas power, will also be driven by the formation of China's nationwide pipeline grids. View Natural Gas Pipeline Statistics>