As early as China’s 1st LNG terminal was under construction, another 15 terminals were planned alongside the nation’s coastal provinces and 10 of them aimed to be commissioned by end of 2010. Today, everyone knows that only 3 terminals were put into operation by then because of the high-rocketing gas price. Other terminals were either postponed or canceled.

From 2008, the global economic crisis dropped natural gas price to decade lows. The attractive price and China’s fast-growth gas market led to a new wave of LNG terminal plans coming up with a larger scale than ever before. According to the statistics by China Natural Gas Map, Databases and Reports, the latest China LNG blueprint shows a picture of 71(by 2017.9) receiving terminals (existing, under construction and planning) in mainland part of this nation. After their 1st phase constructions are commissioned, these terminals will have a total receiving capacity of 90.121 mtpa and can supply 124.367 bcm natural gas each year to downstream markets. Their 2nd phase planning will further increase the total receiving capacity to 188.978 mtpa and the regasified gas supply to 260.790 bcm per year. View LNG Terminal Statistics>