As one of unconventional natural gas family members, CBM receives great attention in recent years and was ever named as ¡°a new star for new energy industry¡± in China. However, the CBM is not a new concept since gas drainage has been a standard operation, for long, in China¡¯s over 400 underground coal mines. Today, 30.6% of the drained gas got utilized in areas like CBM power stations and resident gas markets. For coal mine companies, improving the gas recovery size and utilization percentage is hard because the lack of land drilling skills, money and gas export channel. On the other side, production progress from CBM wells does not meet previous expectation in China's 12th 5-year-plan period. Obviously, the nation's ambitious targets (1,274.3 bcm CBM proved reserve and 30 bcm annual output by 2015) are hard to come true.

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