China's coal to natural gas output capability will face breakthrough growth opportunities in the second half of 2010's. The commissioning of a few experimental SNG plants will provide both market and technology experiences, which help to speed up dozens of new projects construction. Three strategic SNG pipelines are planned by PetroChina, Sinopec and CNOOC to transport output from Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia to coastal markets. As most of the planning coal-to-gas plants are far away from the end markets, the pipelines (90 bcm annual capacity) will also help to drive the plants' construction by eliminating their production export bottleneck.

by 2017.9, China Natural Gas Map, Databases and Reports record 192 coal to natural gas plant projects (commissioned, under construction and planning) in China, which include 81 onland SNG plants, 98 coke oven gas methanation plants and 13 underground coal gasification facilities. View Coal-to-Gas Statistics>