In the early days of China¡¯s natural gas liquefaction industry, the supply sources are so limited that super long-distance highway transportation played a main role for LNG delivery to satellite stations far away from the LNG plants. Entering the 2010¡¯s, LNG plants in China are undergoing explosive growth. Situation is about to change dramatically and players in this stage will have to dance to another tune that differs totally from before.

According to the statistics of China Natural Gas Map, Databases and Reports, by 2017.9, there are 454 LNG plants (existing, constructing and planning) in China. The upstream gas sources for these plants include conventional natural gas, CBM, coke oven gas, SNG, shale gas and other unconventional natural gas. By geographic perspective, most of China¡¯s future LNG plants will appear in China¡¯s main gas production zone (Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Xinjiang and Shanxi). Other provinces are also planning or constructing their own LNG plants alongside the passing by long-distance pipelines. View LNG Plant Statistics>