During the 12th 5-year-plan period, CNG became the city gas supply sources for hundreds of China's cities and counties out of reach of long-distance natural gas pipelines. In most of the nation's provinces, CNG also started to be a favorable vehicle fuel. However, CNG vehicle fueling was limited at that time in China for large-scale application because both gas supply and number of CNG fueling stations were limited. The 13th 5-year-plan period brings great opportunities for China's CNG industry with new upstream gas supply sources, newly-built inter-provincial and intra-provincial pipelines, and fast-growth CNG infrastructures.
According to the statistics by 2017.9 from China Natural Gas Map, Databases and Reports, there are 628 CNG mother stations will be in service by 2018. Besides, China's poor economic prospects and its world-leading gasoline price are also driving CNG fueling application to grow fast in the coming years. View CNG Mother Station Statistics>