China Natural Gas Map series products occasionally originated in 2006. The conference division of ARA International Limited couldnĄŻt find a satisfactory natural gas pipeline map from anywhere to support the graphic and agenda design for its China Oil & Gas Dialogue conferences (event overview). Its research team was ordered to draw a map instead, and this order led to the birth of a hand-drawing China Natural Gas Map. From that time, hand drawing became a classic map design process when designing a map. For example, each map legend and pipeline route was purely drawn by hand by user end perspective.

Another big progress took place in late 2008 when the research team began to use GPS technology for future maps. The GPS databases not only improved the map accuracy but also enabled the team to publish newer map at any time if necessary.

By 2010, the research team had published the 4th edition natural gas map and expanded the single map product to a wider range of products including associated Project Directories, Reports and Marketing Services. At the very beginning of 2011, the company setup an independent research & publication division with previous conference division research staffs and its oil, gas, power as well as mine research products. The map doesnĄŻt belong to the conference division since then.

China Natural Gas Map 5 is the latest published edition. Besides, we also provide tailor-make project maps according to reader's individual demand.