China Natural Gas Map (All in One) is one of Global Energy Dialogue publication serieses by Research & Publication Division of ARA International Limited.

The newest China Natural Gas Map (All in One) is its 5th edition (view previous editions). It is so far the most detailed intelligence tool that presents the natural gas industry blueprint. As world's first 100% satellite imaging based industry map, this publication enables readers to have a very clear view at China's 4,793+ critical natural gas projects' commissioning status and satellite-positioned locations.

These projects include: 704 gasfields, 315 coal bed methane fields, 167 shale gas fields, 81 coal-to-gas projects (SNG, UCG), 64 key natural gas process plants, 168 LNG plants, 39 LNG receiving terminals, 479 LNG satellite stations, 27 underground gas storages, 109 critical natural gas chemical plants, 171 gas power plants, 315 CNG mother stations, 2,153 natural gas pipelines.