China Natural Gas Maps, Databases and Reports are products via a long-term study program on China's natural gas industry. Launched in 2005, the study covers broad areas fromChina's upstream gas bearing structures to thousands of downstream city gas franchisers. Numerous information was processed, including 1,000+/year survey questionnaires and over 10,000 natural gas projects.

It's not an easy job to anticipate China's nationwide natural gas blueprint. The speed and size of its change are beyond imagination. Never there comes a single document that can clearly, accurately and completely introduce what will take place.

The roadmap to understand China's natural gas industry is like a jigsaw puzzle game. New players have to start by collecting very small information fragments and puting them together. To avoid being misguided, you also need to see through and stay ahead of information distortions, rumors and smoke screens.

What we do is to make this jigsaw puzzle game easier.

Lee Franklin, Editor
Oil, Gas, Mining and Power Industry
Global Energy Dialogue Publications
ARA International Limited Research and Publication Division