China Petroleum Map is one of Global Energy Dialogue publications by Research and Publication Division of ARA International Limited. It is published for over 5,000 worldwide oil and gas industry executives as decision-making consulting reference, internal training tool or gift for CRM purpose. Its readers in China include investors and operators of China’s most E&P, petrochemical, refinery, storage and transportation projects.

The newest China Petroleum Map 2012 is designed with China’s 2,819 critical petroleum projects, which tell where crude oil comes from, how they are transported, where they are stored and processed, and where the oil products head for. The recorded projects consist of oilfields; gasfields with commercialized condense; oil shale; oil sands; oilfield pipeline networks; long-distance crude oil pipeline; strategic oil bases and commercial oil reserve storages; oil ports, terminals and offshore SPMs; refinery and petrochemical bases; oil products supply systems.

China Petroleum Map grades its recorded projects with different icons identifying different capacities for projects of the same type. Readers can, thus, easily and quickly understand project sizes. The map also provides associated products and services including project leads and executive directories. These products and services will help readers to further establish business with the recorded projects, and provide efficient marketing exposure to most of China’s key project owners.