You can learn here part of readers' organizations for China Oil & Gas Industry Maps, Project Databases and Reports. For readers photo gallery, click here.

Pan-Asian Natural Gas and Pipeine Association
PetroChina Beijing Gas Pipeline Company
PetroChina Dagang Oilfield Company
PetroChina Dalian LNG Co., Ltd.
PetroChina Fushun Petrochemical Company
PetroChina Gas and Pipeline Company
PetroChina Jiangsu LNG
PetroChina Jidong Oilfield Company
PetroChina Kunlun Energy Co., Ltd.
PetroChina Kunlun Gas Co., Ltd.
PetroChina Pipeline Bureau
PetroChina Pipeline Company
PetroChina Pipeline Project Dept.
PetroChina Pipeline Research Center
PetroChina Planning Center
PetroChina Sichuan Marketing Co., Ltd.
PetroChina Sichuan Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

PetroChina Sino-Russia Project Dept.
PetroChina Tangshan LNG
PetroChina West Pipeline Company
PetroChina West-East Pipeline Company
PetroChina Xi'an Petroleum Pipe Research Institute
PetroChina Xinjiang Oilfield Company
PT Perusahaan Gas Negara (Persero) Tbk.
PT Wood Group Indonesia
PTT plc
Punj Lloyd Limited
Rockwell Automation China
Saipem Beijing
SBM Offshore N.V.
Shaanxi China Natural Gas Co., Ltd.
Shaanxi Natural Gas Company
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