You can learn here part of readers' organizations for China Oil & Gas Industry Maps, Project Databases and Reports. For readers photo gallery, click here.

A. Hak Beheer B.V.
ABB China Co., Ltd.
Air Liquide Welding
AIST, Japan
AJ Lucas Group
Amber Energy Limited
Asia Pacific Oil Co., Ltd.
Asian Americangas Co., Ltd.
Baoding Gas Co., Ltd.
Baoji Petroleum Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd.
BASF China
BASF-YPC Company Limited
Beijing Gas Group
Beijing LongshengTaike Petroleum Pipe -
Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing New Hualian Gas Co., Ltd.
BG Asia Pacific
Black & Veatch
BOC China
BP China
Bureau Veritas
CCI Valve
Central Asia Natural Gas Pipeline Company
Changchun Natural Gas Co., Ltd.
Chart Industries Inc.
Chemtex Global Co.Ltd
Chengdu City Gas Co., Ltd.
Chevron China
Chevron Energy Technology Company
Chevron Phillips Chemical
China CBM Co. Ltd.
China City Gas Association
China Gas Holdings Company
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