Related areas: China.
Related key words: Province, project status, company.
Note: You can use the key words to further filter out the projects that fit your needs.
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The CNG plant database records following content: (you can tailormake your own database by selecting one or more of following data groups)
  Data Group Content

Project name, nation, province, prefecture, plant address, project status, production start year.

  Upstream &
Feed gas type, feed gas supply facilities, feed gas supplier.
  Size Current CNG production capacity, planned CNG production capacity growth in short term, planned CNG production capacity growth in long term.
  Stakeholder Shareholding situation, primary stakeholder, secondary stakeholder, project investor company name, project operating company name.
Company name, established time, company status, ownership type, registered capital, legal representative, shareholders namelist, shareholders' investment volume.
  Contacts Contact people, gender, title, phone number, address.