With tailored project databases or standard edition directories, readers are able to concentrate themselves on higher-level analysis for their business targets. In many cases, thousands of hours were saved since they don't need to waste their time anymore in connecting raw data. However, the raw data is a key success factor but it's not all. Good business decision also comes from appropriate ways that you choose to make the analysis. A case study here tells a story about how to combine project directories and right analysis to achieve the business goal.

In this story, an equity investment company wants to invest companies in China's natural gas utilization area (such as city gas and LNG production). Tired

managers in this equity investment company spent every day in traveling all around China and visiting potential targets. Their target locating method was neither systematic nor scientific because most of the targets were introduced just by friends (people by people). With China Natural Gas Map's associated project data services, the company saw the whole scene. The CEO received soon a complete ranking list in which most potential targets were right there. What happened next to this company? They improved business efficiency and at the same time saved numerous manpower, money and time.

This case study is selected from the Reader Training Book.  
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