With China Natural Gas Map’s associated project directories, readers can save tremendous time for collecting and verifying fundamental project datas to build their market analysis model. Delivered in CD, this series of electronic edition directories are designed to present, in one interface, the basic information and addtional projecct notes of each single recorded project:

Basic Information: project name, status quo, location, investor, frontline operator company, general manager in charge, company contact number and address;

Additional Project Notes: These notes enable readers to further filter their interested projects by individual demands. For example, is an upstream gas output by oilfield dissolved gas or by gasfield? Is a CBM prodution zone operated by onland drilling or by underground recovery? Does a LNG peakshaver also has gas liquefaction unit/function? Which provinces and cities are located alongside a long-distance pipeline? What's main and backup gas supply sources (PNG, LNG or CNG) for a franchised city or Industry park?

  Zoom in the following directory interface and move your mouse over it to learn how it works. You can also view here the complete namelist of recorded projects and download the trial edition. (The directory file is of Microsoft Access edition so that please ensure you already have installed the Access accessory of Microsoft Office softwares before you download and open the file.)